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Pop Up for Play!

Welcome! I'm so glad you're here.

Hi! My name is Tina. I'm a mama, wife, friend, musician, and music educator. I'm also the founder and visionary for Pop Up for Play!

Why Pop Up for Play?

A couple of years ago, my family and I participated in an interactive art experience where each person was given a ball of elastic to weave around tall, standing poles. We weren't sure what to expect. The directions were simply, start weaving! As the music played, we moved over, around, under, and through. We were free to explore, play, and sometimes get tangled up.

Before long, we had created a beautiful, colorful landscape, together!

The best part? We laughed A LOT!

On the drive home, I was buzzing with excitement about our experience! My takeaway? We ALL need PLAY in our lives!

I wondered...

"How can I bring a more playful spirit into my teaching and my students' learning?"

"How can I share those experiences with other music educators?"

That's when the idea for Pop Up for Play *popped* in my head!

What Do We Do and Who Do We Serve?

Our mission is to celebrate the playful spirit in all of us and honor play-based and child-centered learning in music education. We provide thoughtful and developmentally appropriate resources for early childhood and elementary music educators that encourage children to explore, create, and connect through music and movement.

What To Expect

With over twenty years of teaching music, I know that sometimes you can feel stuck writing lesson plans and need that extra bit of inspiration to help spark your thinking. Whether it be a song, book, or movement activity, I can't wait to share ideas that I hope will inspire and instill a sense of playfulness for you and your students.

Ready, set, let's play!

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